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This is Hemant Seth's personal collection of paper money displaying some of the most beautiful Banknotes and Coins from India that you may not be aware of.

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India Rupee 1

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India Rupees 2

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India Rupees 5

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India Rupees 10

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India Rupees 20

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India Rupees 50

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India Rupees 100

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India Rupees 500

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India Rupees 1000

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Welcome to one of the largest web sites for Indian banknote collectors!

This site is designed for  Indian Paper Money. If you are looking to enhance your collection, or are just starting to collect, you will find a great deal of information. I have been collecting and dealing in banknotes from India for over 40 years, and would be happy to assist you to start, or complete your collection of Indian  banknotes. As time goes on, I will continue to add more Banknotes from India.

' Rupee ' comes from the Sanskrit word ' Rupa ' which means ' Beauty '

The oldest known banknote in the world comes from China and was made in the 14th century out of paper from the mulberry tree.

All the Banknotes are issued by The Reserve Bank of India

 Reserve Bank of India  (RBI)  is the Central Bank of India, and was established on 1st April,  1935

India Rupees 5

India 5 (Five) Rupee Banknotes  Pre - Independence


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India 5 (Five) Rupee Banknotes  Post - Independence


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