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This is Hemant Seth's personal collection of paper money displaying some of the most beautiful Banknotes and Coins from India that you may not be aware of.

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' RUPEE ' comes from the Sanskrit word ' Rupa '  which means ' Beauty '

India One Rupee Banknote 1963

Pick: 76a


Year 25th September 1963
Pick 76a
Color Green - Yellow - Violet
Signature L. K. JHA * ( Secretary Ministry of Finance ) in English only
Watermark Large rectangular watermark window with Askokan Pillar as watermark
Front of Banknote One Rupee in Hindi in the centre. Front of 1 Rupee coin image on top right
Back of Banknote Back of 1 Rupee coin image on left top side of the Banknote
Language panel 7 Regional language on back in center of the Banknote
Inset ' D '
Issued with Vertical prefix A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - J - K - L - M- -N - P - Q - R - S
  T - U - V - W - X - Y
Size 101 X 64 mm

More about this Banknote

Known as Coin design also

Serial numbers on right hand side above the Signature

Banknote has the usual two pinholes on left side

Production of 1 Rupee denomination was discontinued since March 1994 by Government of India


The image is for reference only, a gallery item (not for sale)


L. K. JHA was Secretary Ministry of Finance since 1957 to 1963
Governor of  Reserve Bank of India  1967 to 1970

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